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The Deponent Iohn Holland deposeth that on or about Iuly 96 he this Deponent did see Richard White who then lived in Clements Churchyad in the Strand with one Simms's wife of Gravell Lane of Southwark coyn new money in his Lodging which he cast in a flask it being a tryall for the said White did promisse to employ this Deponent to coyn money for him but this Deponent some litle time afterwards comeing into the interest of the Government though things of another nature yet made the said White decline performing his promisse that his Deponent hath known him for these 7 years last past to be a Clipper

The Deponent likewise deposeth that about 12 or 14 dayes before Midsomer in the year 1697 in Woodstreet he this Deponent mett with one Capt. Bedford who was an old acquaintance of this Deponents who told this Deponent that he desired to see him at his house which was the sign of the Sunn in Newington according to the said Bedford's desire this Deponent did go to the said Bedford's house the Sunday before midsomer 97 where he found one Iohn Sturgis with him and they were coyning Iohn Sturgis English half pence and Bedford new English shillings they both assisting one another as occasion required Capt. Bedford told this Deponent that his buisines with him was to set him to work but this Deponent telling Bedford that he was engaged to another person and going for Ireland in order thereunto the said Bedford desired this Deponent upon his arivall in Ireland to send him word how he liked Ireland and what encouragement he could give him for Iohn Sturgis and Capt. Bedford did both tell this Informant that if he gave them encouragement they would both come over in 6 monthes the Deponent being going to Ireland with intent and resolution to coyn with one Thomas Atkinson who did promisse to lend <112v> the Deponents 100l. to put him in a way but upon the Deponent's first comeing into Ireland he meeting with one Mr Edward Loyd who informing this Deponent that he had discovered one Richard White a Coyner & that it would be acceptable and good service to the Government to detect such persons upon which this Deponent altered his mind & did discover to the said mr Loyd that there were divers Notorious Clippers and Coyners in Ireland who were fled out of England from Iustice and that they were resolved still to hold on their illegall practises in that Kingdom this Deponent having been very often in company with many of them did hear them say that Ireland was the fittest place in the world for coyning the people being ignorant and all sorts of money being current and every body using Charcoale they might use that without being suspected The Deponent making this discovery divers of them were apprehended by mr Loyd and many fled by those that were apprehended being bayled fled

This Deponent further saith that he hath seen on Iohn Collins who kept the 3 Tunns in Aldermanbury and one who was called Nurse Price who about this time two yeares kept a Brandy Shop in Long Lane both clipp and coyn old money at his house in Aldermanbury and that about this tyme 2 years he did see the said Price and Collins at his house coyn new money which they stamped with Dyes having a Mill at the same tyme Collins swore God Damne him did they think to make any money that he could not counterfeit

The Deponent deposeth that about five yeares agoe he receiving 5ll of very broad money he shewing it to one William Peniston a Silver smith in Foster Lane he perswaded this Deponent to let him clipt it which he this Deponent complying to the said Peniston in his house did imediatly clipp and gave this Deponent half value of the Clippings in money likewise this Deponent hath seen the said Peniston with Iohn Collings cast severall old half Crownes at the said Collins's house up two pair of staires in Aldermanbury And that one Robt. Wells being under sentance of death for clipping and executed accordingly before he was executed he gave this Deponent a bill of 6l on one Mr Treavers a Clothworker in Moorefields which money was to bear his charges in Prison and to defray the charges of his buriall as may appear by a Note under the hand of the said     Wells before his execution to the <113r> Deponent the Deponent went to the said Trevers with the said bill who told the Deponent he could not pay it presently but if he could call in a{n} hour or 2s time he should then have it upon this the Deponent said that if he could pay it in a{n} houre's time he might as well pay it now upon which the said Trevers bid the Deponent sitt down and then went up staires and the Deponent hearing a Noise stept up staires and found him clipping of money and his wife fileing it and to make a Dispatch this Deponent rubbed some of it on a rubbing leather himself

The mark of Iohn Holland


[1] 236

[2] Iurat Iuly 16 1699 coram
  Isaac Newton

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