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The Information of Elizabeth Sutton wife of Willm Sutton of the parish of St. Georges Southwark in the County of Surrey Shoemaker 25 Iuly 1699

Who saith That about a fortnight before She was apprehended She became acquainted with one Elizabeth Pilkington who took a room in the Mint in Wouthwark and sometime after she had taken the said room she came to this Informant and told her she must raise her bottom and this Examinant enquiring of the said Pilkington what she meant by those words she replyed she would tell her provided she would not discover what it was or words to that effect and this Examinant promissing to keep her Councell she the said Pilkington did then declare she could Coyn false money and that she had clipt and coyned 20 yeares ago and upon the Fryday before this Examinant was apprehended the said Pilkington brought to this Examinants room some things wrapt in a Napkin and likewise some counterfeit Money which money the said Pilkington did declare she made her self and in 2 or 3 dayes after the said Pilkington left the said money and things wrapt in a Napkin as aforesaid a Constable and one Conyers came to this Examinant's room and apprehended this Examinant and found and tooke away the money and things which the said Pilkington had left in this Examinants room as aforesaid and that the Counterfeit money which the said Pilkington brought to this Examinant as aforesaid was not edged

Elizabeth Sutton


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[2] Capt + Iurat die et anno preedict
coram Isaac Newton

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