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The Information of Thorp Groom of the parish of St. Sepulchres London Cordwayner 24th. day of Iune 99

Who saith that about the latter end of Ianuary or beginning of February last past this Informant mett with Cornelius Dyer in the street and the said Dyer went with this Informant home to this Informants house in the said St Sepulchres parish and then and there desired this Informant t{o} {len}d him a Guinea to buy Materialls with in order to make counterfeit money as Dyer declared and at the same time this Deponent bought of the said Dyer 18 counterfeit Sixpences and one counterfeit shilling and gave 4s. to the said Dyer for the same and the said Dyer did then declare that he made the said counterfeit money himself and that abouta fortnight after this Informant lent to the said Dyer 5s. and had of the said Dyer 10s of unfinisht counterfeit money for the same and Sarah Dobson alias Demsdale who was lately executed for counterfeiting of the Current Coyn of the Realme finisht the said counterfeit money and that in February last past the said Dyer went into an ale house in Cock Lane by Smithfield with this Informant and his wife + then and there the said Dyer <111r> pull'd out of his pocket severall counterfeit shillings + Sixpences and two counterfeit Dutch pieces and said he made them himselfe and this Informant wife would have bought the said counterfeit money of Dyer but Dyer would not sell it to her but said it was for a Dutch Captain but that the next counterfeit money he made for her should be so well done that it would be undenyable and pass as Current money or words to that effect and the said Dyer did then declare that he was faint with working vizt. making of false money by reason he had not been used to a charcoal fire in a great while and that the said Dyer shewed him of he put into a board and said that he edged the counterfeit money he made with the same


Thorpe Groom

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[2] Iurat die et anno preedict
coram Isaac Newton

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