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Anthony Dunn maketh Oath this 2d day of May 1699 That about a week or 10 dayes ago this Deponent went to the house of Mr Hammond to search for some Coyning Tooles which belonged to one Thomas Moore convicted lately at Chelmsford assizes for robbing in the highway which the said Tho Moore said he had left in the custody of the wife of the said Mr. Hammond and that this Deponent with others did then and there find in the said mr Hammond's house Two Engines for edging counterfeit money and this Deponent was directed by the said Moore to go to Tho Scott of St. Iames Market Patten maker to demand of the said Thomas Scott and Edger for edging of counterfeit money which the said Moore said he had left in the custody of the said Scott So this Deponent Mr. Dann + a Constable went to the house where the said Tho Scott lived and desired the said Thomas Scott to deliver to them the said Edger which Moore had left with him as aforesaid but the said Tho: Scott denyed his having any Edger and said Moore left no Such thing with him but the said Tho: Scott hath since that tyme produced that Edger and confessed that he had the same of the said Moore

Anthony Dunn


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[2] Iurat die et anno preedict coram
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