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The Examination of Thomas Kirk of the parish of St Iames Clerckenwell in the County of Middlesex Yeoman 19 Sepr 99

Who saith that about a fortnight ago he this Examinant was drinking in Duck Lane at one Mr. Croly's with one Thomas Fletcher and one who went by the name of Mr Lawson (and as the said Lawson did then declare had been not long before that time a prisoner in Newgate) came into this Examinants company he being acquainted with the said Thomas Fletcher and then and there the said Lawson did declare to this Examinant that he the said Lawson could make counterfeit Guineas and French + Spanish pistols and that if this Examinant would be true to him he would engage that he this Examinant should by his means have or get 500li {eve} Christmas next by putting or paying away Counterfeit <109r> Guineas or Spanish pistols for him or words to that effect and the said Lawson did then and there invite the said Fletcher and this Examinant to his Lodging in Liccabone street in the parish of St. andrews Holborn who went accordingly thither in two daies afterwards and the said Lawson did them and there make two Counterfeit half Guineas by casting and afterwards Guild the same and sold the same to this Examinant for 3s. and this Examinant let the said Mr Lawson 22s. + 6d. in order to buy Materialls for making False Guineas and pistols and the said Lawson did about 2 dayes afterwards let this Examinant have 2 counterfeit Spanish Pistolls ready finisht and then this Examinant let the said Lawson have 10s to bear his charges in the country in order to make counterfeit money and this Examinant was with the said Mr Lawson upon Saturday last at one Thomas Grubbs at the sign of the Goat in Soper Lane in the Tower of St. Albans and did then and there see the said Mr Lawson make the 4 Counterfeit pistols now produced and the said Lawson bid this Examinant carry them to one Ann Duncomb who lived with the said Lawson in Liccabone street aforesaid to guild the same and said she could guild them as well as she and this morning this Examinant carryed the said Pistols to the said ann Duncomb in order to Guild the same and the said ann Duncomb received them and promised to guild the same by noon this day and this Examinant gave two shillings to her in order to buy leafe Gold to guild the said Counterfeit pistols

Tho Kirke


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[2] Iurat et
    Is Newton

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