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The Information of Elizabeth Hunder of the parish of St Mary Islington in the County of Middlesex Spinster 23d. Augt 1699

Who saith that in March or Aprill last past this Informant lodged at one Mr. Beaches house in Bedfordbury in the parish of St Pauls Covent Garden in the same house that Thomas Pilsbury and Ann his supposed wife lately lodged and the said Thomas Pilsbury and ann his supposed wife did in March or Aprll. last desire this Informant to let them have some 6pences for patterns in order to make or cast some counterfeit 6pences by but this Informant did refuse to let them have any for that purpose but this Informant did pawn some Linnen for the said Thomas Pilsbury and his supposed wife and had two shillings upon them and changed the 2s. for 4 six pences which 6pences the said Tho Pilsbury and his supposed wife used for Patterns to cast Counterfeit 6pences by and this Informant did in March or aprill last severall times see the said Thomas Pilsbury and Ann his supposed wife counterfeit the Current Coyn of this Kingdom by casting false 6pences at Mr Beaches in Bedfordbury aforesaid

the mark of
Eliz: Hunter


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[2] Iurat et
  Is Newton

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