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The Information of Julian Tuffin of the parish of St. Iames Westminster Widdow 19 Augt. 1699

Who saith that about Eleaven of the clock this forenoon a woman who is now in custody who says her Name is ann Pillsbury came with a litle Girle into this Informants shop by St. Iames Church and desired this Informant to tell her a half penny loafe and a half penny worth of cheese and the said Ann Pilsbury gave this Informant a shilling to take a half penny out of to pay for a loafe which she had of this Informant and this Informant gave a six pence to the said ann Pilsbury in exchange a six pence and while this Informant was looking in the money Box for some farthings the said Ann Pilsbury said that the 6 pence which this Informant had given her was a bad one and said that it bent like lead but this Informant saying she was sure that the 6 pence she gave her was a good one the said ann Pilsbury said she had not a six pence about her and pull'd out of her pocket severall shillings and said she had no other money about her but this Informant upon searching of her the said Ann Pilsbury found betwixt her Boddiss and stomache a good 6 pence which this Informant gave to her as aforesaid and said she had the bad six pence of a Butcher who refused to change it so she was willing to gett it off by the Method abovesaid though the said Ann Pilsbury did confess before the Warden of his Majestys Mint that she had the said bad 6 pence aforesaid of a person that sells Linnen Cloth about the streets and said the said person made or coyned the said bad six pence or words to that effect and this Informant with others searched the said Ann Pilsbury and her said litle Girle at the said Wardens of the Mint and this Informant found wrapt in a paper in the Said Girle 5d. worth of farthings + 4 six pences two of which were Counterfeit ones

the mark of
Julian Tuffin


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[2] Iurat et
        Is Newton

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