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The Deposition of Bodenham Rewse Gentleman 10 Iuly 1699

Hee saith that at the last assizes for the County of Stafford after the conviction of Iohn Bate Iudge Gold sent for the Deponent and examined him about the persons accused by the said Bate and after the Deponent had said that upon his Informant Henry Dixon and Timothy Roberts were in Bristoll Gaol and Thomas Boddilly a Prisoner in Somersetshire was also charged by him and upon that charge might probably be continued till the next assizes or words to that purpose the said Iudge replyed that then he ought to be reprieved. The Deponent saith further that <104v> about 3 weeks ago he being at Stafford and there discoursing with Bate the said Bate affirmed that what he had formerly said about Dixon's designing to convey Dyes into andermans house in order to wear against him was true And the Deponent answering that the Warden of the Mint did not think him fitt to be an evidence on that account the said Bate replyed that he could not help that he spake the truth of him

The Deponent saith further that at the same time he askt the said Bate about some letters wrote by him the said Bate to one Edward Wilcox and Bate replyed what if I did write them I meant no harm or to that effect

Afterwards the Deponent was told by Mr. Gray of Enfield Hall in Staffordshire one of his Majestys Iustices of the peace that Bate in his first letter to Wilcox moved the said Willcox to be an evidence and Thomas Bodilly and that Wilcox shewing the letter to the said Mr Gray + Mr Foley of Stourbridge in Worcestershire they advised him Not to answer it then Bate receiving no answer sent a 2d letter to the said Willcock wherein he threatned the said Willcox with the execration God Damne him that if he would not swear against Boddily he the said Bate would swear against him the said Wilcox or words to that effect and that these letters and a third wrote also by Bate to Wilcox were in my Lord Dudley's Clerks hands All this was told the Deponent by Mr Gray who added that if Bate did swear against Boddily the countrey would not believe him

The Deponent saith further that about 3 weeks ago he askt the said Bate what was become of a pair of Dyes made for him by Iohn Harvey and the said Bate answered that he had them not but did not discover what he had done with them      and that the said Bate proposing that the said Wilcox could be an evidence against Iohn Harvey the said Harvey being examined about about it at Much Wenlock the said Harvey did possitively deny that he knew Wilcocks and drinking a Glass of ale wisht it might be his poison if he knew him and said he would take his oath upon {illeg}

The Deponent was also told by Mr Great abovesaid that the said Wilcox being examined before him about it denyed that he knew the said Iohn Harvey + offered to take his Oath of it

Bod Rewse


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[2] Iur {illeg}
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