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The Information of Sarah Cletor wife of George Cletor of the parish of St. Georges in the fields in the said County of Middlesex Labourer 17 day of May 1699

Who saith that about 3 quarters of a year ago this Informant saw one Iohn Iefferies a man of an uncertain habitation and one Iohn Buterfield alias Beterly make counterfeit money by casting at the Naggs head Alehouse in the Lest hall in the parish of St Gyles but the said Iefferies and Butterfield having not the Art of mixing Metalls and that they would give a Guinea to nay body that would teach them how to mix Metalls and desired this Deponent to help them to a person that would teach them the Art of mixing Metalls fitt to be made into counterfeit money and this Deponent acquainting one Iohn Smith who was since executed for coyning therewith he sent them by this Informant a Receipt to mix Metalls as aforesaid and they gave 10s in part of payment of 20s. which they promissed to give for the said Receipt and this Deponent hath been told that the said Iefferies & Butterfield have been latly at work in making counterfeit money and that the said Iefferies did lartly offer Counterfeit money to put off

the mark of
Sarah Cletor


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[2] Iurat die et anno preedict
coram Is Newton

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