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The Information of Ioseph Brooker taken this 10th. day of May 99

He saith that in october 1696 he did see Solomon Hewet now Prisoner in Newgate coyn shillings in imitation of the Current mill'd money of this Kingdom in Rederiff parish in Surrey and that he this Deponent hath seen the said Solomon Hewit counterfeit the Current Coyn of this Kingdom several other times before the said month of October in the said County of Surrey

Ioseph Brooker


Memorandum that the Coyning Tooles and false of Havet were taken in Rederiff in October aforesaid and are still kept for evidence by Garnum a L{oif}terman near Rederiff Church then Constable and that Bonner threatens Brooker &c and that I bound over Brooker to the old Bayly against {threat}

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[2] Iurat die et anno preedict
coram Isaac Newton

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