<102r> [1]

The Examination of William Butler now Prisoner at Mr Kings the Messenger taken this 1st day of 1699

Hee saith that about 5 or 6 weekes ago mr Ruby a Chandler at the Corner of St. anns Court in Dean street Soho came to enquire for hte Examinant at the Fleet once or oftener as he was told by mrs Lawrence who said she was to be heard of at the Crown in Dean street tho they there deny the knowledge of her And that since the Examinant was taken up by Mr. King the said Mrs. Lawrence came to the Examinant <102v> at the said Mr King's about 3 weeks ago and told the Examinant that if he had been in the way when Mr. Ruby came to him he this Examinant might have gone down with them to his advantage or words to that purpose and that they had some thousands of things and the Examinant asking what things She answered such as the Examinant had shewed her but better done

William Butler


[1] 204

[2] Capt. Iurat die et anno preedict
coram Isaac Newton

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