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The Information of Mary Hancock alias Bakewell of Blackman street in Newington parish in Southwark 16 Aprill 1699

She saith that she did see Iohn Worley of Golden Lane in Criplegate parish Glover and Margt his wife counterfeit the Current Mill'd Coyn of this Realm at the said Worley's house next door but one to the Blackboy in Swan ally in Golden Lane in Criplegate parish about the Midle of 10mber last And that she hath also seen Thomas Worley of St. Sepulchres parish Glover the brother of the said Iohn Worley about a month or two before Christmas last sell severall parcells of Counterfeit milld money to Ino. Conyers of Goodman's fields Victualler and to a woman whose name the Informant knoweth and that he the said Iohn Worley sold the same after the rate of 20s of bad money forces good money at the Informants late house at the Blackboy in Gold Lane and that about 7 or {8} weeks ago She did see Iohn Hollyday and Ino Worley severall times coyn 10 or 20s. of a day at the said Worley's house in Golden Lane abovementioned and that about 7 weeks ago She did see the {said} Ino Hollyday in Change ally in the Mint in Southwark counterfeit Mill'd Shillings and 6 pences by casting and that she did also then and there see Alice Partington (who then lived with the said Hollyday) blow the fire and <102r> rub some of the counterfeit money with sand

the mark of
Mary Hancock


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[2] Iurat die et ann predict
coram Isaac Newton

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