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The Information of William Trowman alias Truman of Dudley parish in Worcestershire {Nailor} 15 aprill 1699

He saith that about Ianuary or Febry was 4 years he saw Ch: Holland of ashby d{e} le zouch in Leicestershire a seller of Earthen Ware and George Holland the father of the said Charles + of the same Trade + parish & Elizabeth Pollard of the same parish the wife of Pollard a Seller of Earthen Ware coyn five Crown pieces in imitation of the current milled money of this Kingdom by casting them in Flasks at the house of Iohn Cantrell a Farmer in Hartshorn parish in Derbyshire in which house the Informant then lived having rented it of the said Iohn Cantrell but the letters Decus et Tutamen they did not set on the edges having not an Edger to do it with. and that Iohn Bale who was convicted at Stafford the last assizes for coyning and Anthony Bale Nailor of no certain Habitation the brother of the said Iohn Bale, Mary Bale the wife of the said Iohn Bale made about 13s. in shillings and sixpences after the similitude of the Current mill'd Coyn of this Realme and edged them with an Edger which had a handle to turn about and this was done at the house of the said Ino Bale in amblecutt in the parish of Kings Swinford in Staffordshire about the time of Hay Harvest last was 2 yeares. And that Eliz. Pollard can male a large Discovery. And that Richd Nat{e}hill of the parish of Dudley in the presence of this Deponent make severall counterfeit shillings (old money) by stamping about 8 years since. That Wm. Round of the said parish of Dudley Nailor did in the presence of this Deponent about 7 or 8 yeares since make severall counterfeit shillings (old money) in the said parish of Dudley – and that Iohn Bromhall of Worley Banck bought counterfeit money of the said Will Round and gave him after the rate of about 9d a piece for Counterfeit shillings. And that Richard Wootton of the said Worley Banck in the Country of Stafford Butcher did in the like manner buy counterfeit money of the said Willm Round about 8 or 9 yeares ago. That Thomas Allen of the parish of Old Swinford in the County of Worcest {Syth} Smith did about 9 years ago clipp the Current Coyn of the Realme in the parish of Rowley in Staffordsh. and carryed the Clippings to one Iohn Willits of the said parish Smith and that the said allen and Willets did make the same into counterfeit money at Willet's shop. That one Steph Tither of Bewdley in the said County of Worcester Butcher did about 11 years since bring about 6 or 7 ounces of Clippings of the Current Coyn of this Realme said he clipt them himself would have this Informant to have bought them of him or to have made them into counterfeit money but this Deponent refusing so to do the said Tither did declare that he would carry that same to one Charles Dyke of Kings Swinford parish in the County of Stafford Nailor and this Deponent doth believe that he did so

Will Troman


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[2] Iurat 15° die aprilis 1699
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