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The Information of John Holloway of old Bethlem in Bishopgate parish 17 aprill 1699

He saith that Samuell Wilson of the Strand at the sign of the black{spread} Eagle a Taylor about a year + an half ago and severall times since told the Deponent that he had a warrant granted by the Warden of the mint about the latter end of summer was a 12 month to apprehend a person who had then bespake of him a pair of Dyes for making a milld shillings and that he let the said person have the said Dyes for 5ll without executing the Warrant and the Deponent hath heard the said Samuell Wilson severall times boast that the Warrant above mentiond was as good a sham as could be to get money But the Deponent did not see the said Dyes nor knowes the person who had them and that about 4 or 5 yeares ago he did see the said Samuell Wilson coyn half Crownes and shillings in imitation of the old hammered money then Current at the house of Thomas Holloway the Deponents brother at Peckham in Surrey

Ino Holloway


[1] 193

[2] Iurat die + anno preedict coram
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