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The Information of Ino Snow of the Broadway near Petty France in Westminster Destiller 11 Aprill 1699

He saith that he is informed by Ann          a Charrwoman in Grigg street in St ann's parrish that Ino Buckmaster of St. Anns Court near Grigg street aforesaid Pawnbroker is gone down to Newmarket in Cambridgeshire in the Habbit of a Gentleman or {Beux} with Iohn Ruby a Chandler of the said Griff street and another man in Liveryes to attend upon him and that the said Ann        saw in the possession of the said Buckmaster a heap of Guineas which she believed might be about a 1000 Guineas and believed it to be counterfeit money and that he was now gone down to Newmarket to put the same off there at the horse races and that he had the said Guineas of a false Coyner with whom he was acquainted and who is latly dead and this Informant <92v> saith further that he enquired this morning of the wife of the said Chandler where her husband was and that she replyed that he was gone to Newmarket with a Gentleman and this Informant doth verily suspect and believe that the said Iohn Buckmaster is gone to Newmarket to putt off the said Counterfeit Guineas at the horse races there

Ino Snow


[1] 190

[2] Iurat Aprill 11 99
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