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The Information of Susanna Broadhurst 28th day of February 16989

She saith that in last aprill she came into England + took a Lodging in Lambeth near the Copper worth at mr Copes a Water man and then falling acquainted with Wm Webb a workman in the Copper work in the Iuly following told the Informant that she might do him a kindness and get money her self and she <90r> asking him how repled that she knew Mr Mansell the {Deale} Merchant and he will take off Guineas and I have some to dispose of at 10 or 12s a piece and that she might easily understand by mr Deverells discourse what he meant. And that on Sunday following the said Webb brought 5 Guineas to the Deponent to shew to the Merchant abovesaid who gave her 3l for the 5 Guineas and said that if they went off well he would have more and she gave Webb 50s for the same and on the Wednesday following he spoke for more and on Thursday the Deponent had 30 more of the said Webb and gave them to the Merchant for 15li whereof she gave 14li to the said Webb and kept 20s for her self and the said Merchant told the Deponent that she should go down to the Vineyard and bring some Guineas with her for one Carter the Master of the Vineyard would take some and she meeting with Carter at the Gate askt him for mr Mansell and mr Carter told her that he was not there but that he knew her buissines and carrying her up into a litle room she gave him 6 counterfeit Guineas and one of them being ill done he paid her 3l for 5 of them and askt her if she could not help her to some Silver (meaning Counterfeit money) shillings + sixpences + he would give her after the rate of 6d for 1s + 3d for 6d. and the next day She had 20s. in shillings and 6 pences and gave Webb 10s for the same and gave the said 20s. to Carter for 10s. of good money and Carter afterwards refused to take anymore saying that he could have money cheaper of other fold and as well done and that the said Mansell told the Deponent that there was another of his Acquaintance but a man in office and of an estate + reputation and he the said Mansell would introduce her to him him self and accordingly the said Mansell and his friend who was one Mr Langford the Keeper of the Kings Arms Alehouse near the Kings armes staires in Lambeth a very Rich man being togeather at the vineyard and the Informant being sent for thither the said mr Langford and mr Mansell ordered her first to fetch five Guineas and mr. Langford said that if they were as good as Hallards he should like them very well and accordingly she brought 5 counterfeit Guineas for them and Mr Langford gave her 3l for them and charged her that if at any time she should be taken up for putting off False money she should not discover them for their could all send her money and get her out and a few dayes after vis on the 4th. augt the Deponent left Lambeth + converst with the abovesaid persons noe further

Susan Broadhurst


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[2] Iurat coram
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