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The Examination of John Mann Victualler at the Bell and Checquer in Crispin street in Stepney parish in Middlesex 6 Decr 98

Hee saith that William Thornton who lately kept the Fountain Tavern in Bury in Suffolk did last Summer come to London with one mr Sadler who lives on the Fenns in the Isle of Ely in Cambridgeshire & soon after return back into Cambridgeshire with the said Sadler did leave with this Examinant two Boxes + a Trunck {chorded} up + a litle basket sowed up with pack thread to be sent down to Cambridge by Husk the Cambridge Carryers who lodged at the Bull in Bishopsgate street + that the said Thornton wroted directions on them + the Examinants entry into Cambridge as he was directed + that the basket was heavy but what was in it or in the trunck + boxes the Examinant knew not and that when the said Thornton left the above mentioned boxes and trunck with the Examinant to be sent to Cambridge he the said Thornton ordered the Examinant to receive whatever should be sent to him from Cambridge + keep it till the said Thornton should call for it but that nothing ever came from Cambridge to the Examinant except a Hooper or Wild Swan and one or two letters

Ino Mann


[1] 179

[2] Capt. Decris. 6 98 coram
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