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The Information of Katherine Clark wife of Michael Clark a Soldjer in the Regiment of Dutch foot Guards 7 Aprill 1699

Who saith that about 3 weeks ago she was at the Lodging of Phillip Williams in the parish of St. Mary White Chappell and this Informant did then and there see the said Phillip Williams take two shillings and 3 sixpences and the said Williams took a knife and with it endeavoured to cut and make upon the shillings and sixpences things in imitation of the Scepters that are upon Guineas and half Guineas and afterwards rubbed the said Shillings + six pences with Quicksilver and then Blanch the wife of the said Williams covered the said Shillings + Sixpences over with Leafe Gold to make them look like Guineas and then put them upon some Small Coal to heat and afterwards put the said money into Urin and then rubed it with a Wyer Brush and the said Blanch Williams would have had this Informant to have taken one of the Shillings (so covered with leafe Gold as aforesaid and have put it off or paid it away to an <82r> Old woman that sells Hatts for a Guinea and the said Phillip Williams and Blanch his wife would have had this Informant to have gone into the countrey with them to have put away false Guineas half Guineas and Pistolls and the Method that this Informant was to take to put them away was to have a Good Guinea or half Guinea or Pistoll and a bad one and if she this Informant was questioned for offering of a false Guinea she might then change it with the Good Guinea and say that she received it in Holland and she being a Dutch woman did not understand English money

Cath Clark


[1] 166.

[2] Iurat Apll 16mo 1699 coram
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