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The Information of Iane Smith of Drury Lane in the parish of St. Gyles in the fields in the County of Middlesex Widdow 23d. day of March 16989

Who saith that upon Saturday the 4th. day of March instant this Informant saw one Iohn Ellis feague over two counterfeit shillings in or near Church Lane in the parish of White Chappell and the said Iohn Ellis delivered the said shillings to one Margt. Batterton who bought the said shillings and other counterfeit money of the said Iohn Ellis upon the said 4th day of this instant March and gave him for them after the rate of 20s. of good money for 40s. counterfeit and this Informant saw the said Margaret Batterton pay away the two Counterfeit Shillings which Ellis feagued over as aforesaid the same day that she received them of him as aforesaid And this Informant further saith that upon Munday the sixth of this Instant March this Informant had of the said Ellis 9s. + 6d. in counterfeit money and gave <80v> him after the rate of 10s. of good money for 20s. of Counterfeit money and at the same time bespake of the said Ellis more counterfeit money and this Informant went immediatly to Mr Robt. Saker after she had received the said Counterfeit money and gave it to him and told him that she was to meet the said Iohn Ellis the day following to receive more counterfeit money of him at a house in Aldersgate street which this Informant did accordingly and the said Ellis was then and there apprehended by Mr Saker + others who found some counterfeit money in custody of the said Iohn Ellis as the said Mr Saker told her and that the said Ellis did declare to this Informant that himself Cornelius Dyer and Richard Lawes made the said Counterfeit money which she had of him as aforesaid.

the mark of
Iane Smith


[1] 163

[2] Iurat die + anno preedict
coram Isaac Newton.

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