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The Examination of William Orrin a Soldjer in the first Regiment of Foot Guards commanded by the Right Honourable the Earle of Rumney and in Colonell Farewells Company 17 March 16989

Who saith That he this Examinant came to see Susanna Broadhurst who is now in custody at Mr Morris's and that this Examinant being yesterday in company with the said Susanna Broadhurst at the said Mr Morris's she the said Broadhurst did then and there desire solicit and perswade this Examinant to declare and averr that Iames Lee and Iohn Hebbs had in this Examinant's presence counterfeited the Current Coyn of this Realme and said that if this Examinant would but say as aforesaid it would do her some Service and be a means to help her out of her trouble and do himself no dammage and the said Susanna Broadhurst did dictate to this Examinant what to say against the said Ia,es Lee + Iohn Hebbs though this Examinant doth declare that he never did see the said Lee and Hebbs make any false money at any time

Will Orrin


[1] 162

[2] Capt. 17° die Marcÿ 16989
coram Is: Newton

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