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The Examination of George Green of the parish of St. Andrews Holborn in the County of Middlesex Linnen Draper 2d. March 16989

Who upon his examination saith That he knowes William Thornton who formerly kept a Tavern in Bury in Suffolk and was a prisoner in Negate about 2 yeares ago and entered into a Reco{g}nizance for him 2 years ago to Bayle him out of the said Newgate and that he knows on Mr. Holder and that he hath been in company of one mr Salder and hath heard that the said Sadler lived in the Isle of Ely but this Examinant doth deny that he ever knew the said persons to be Counterfeiters of the Current Coyn of this Realm or that ever he received any Counterfeit money of the said persons and this Examinant doth deny that ever he did procure and Metall or materialls for the said Thornton, Holder or Sadler or any persons els or was privy to any persons making Counterfeit money whatever this Examinant further saith that he knowes mr Howes of Norwich Merchant and the reason of his knowledge was that he had 80ll. worth of Norwich stuffes from the said Howes

Geo: Greene


[1] 157

[2] Capt. die et anno preedict Coram
        Is. Newton

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