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The Information of Edward Smith of the parish of Islington in the County of Middlesex Gardiner 2d March 16989

Who saith that he hath been acquainted with mr. George Green of the parish of St. Andrews Holborn Linnen Draper about 3 years last past and that he hath heard the said Green Declase that he was acquainted with one William Thornton and Henry Holder and that the said Holder + Thornton (as Green said) used to make counterfeit money at a house near the City of Norwich and that they being suspected by their Neighbours to make counterfeit money they removed from thence to one Mr. Sadler's at Stretham in the Isle of Ely where the said Holder and Thornton with the assistance of Sadler used to make Counterfeit money as Green told this Informant and the said George Green being told this Informant that he this Informant had a parcell of Blanched Copper and Silver mixed togeather the said Green <77v> this Informant to let him have it in order to send it to the said Thornton and Holder to make into counterfeit money shillings as he declared to this Informant and about the latter end of last Summer this Informant let the said Green have the said Mixt Metall and this Informant sometime after he had deliverd the Metall to Green as aforesaid askt of him some recompence of payment for the same who told him that he the said Green had given the Metall to the said Holder and that Holder was not come to town therefore Green could not give this Informant any satisfaction for the said Mixt Metall but this Informant being very urgent to have some satisfaction for the said Metall the said Green pulld out of his pocket a parcell of money in which there was some counterfeit shillings and two Counterfeit Spanish pistolls and gave to this Informant out of the same 4 counterfeit shillings and told him that they were made by the said Holder + Thornton and this Informant being afterwards at the said Sadlers house in the Isle of Ely the said Sadler told him that himself Thornton + Holder used to make counterfeit money and shewed then to this Informant an Edger for shillings and shewed the use of it by putting a shilling into it reconning it through the same and this Informant hath been told the said Salder is now a person in Ely Gaol for coyning false money

the mark of
Edwsaidd Smith


[1] 156

[2] Iurat die et anno preedict
coram Is Newton

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