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The Examination of Samuell Tibbs of Church Lane in the Strand 24 Feby 16989

Who saith that about a year and 3 quarters ago his daughters in Law Cicilia Labree being newly Convicted of high Treason for coyning did give the Examinant something wrapt up in Brown paper which she called either Stamps or blanks and said they were unfinished and desired the Deponent to throw them into Fleet Ditch and the Deponent did so and about half a year or a year ago told the Warden of the Mint that he had done so and before that told Mr. Packer the same And that about 3 yeares ago his said daughter told him that her Press for coyning of Guineas was carryed to the house of Iohn Kistell in Westminster by the Horse Ferry and there sett up in his Cellar and continued there for some weeks and that they there tryed to coyn Guineas with it but without success the Press breaking in the tryall and that the Metall which they <77r> tryed to coyn was good Gold and good Silver mixed and that Laloo and Kistell were assisting but the Examinant was not there himself in the Cellar to see it.

Samuel Tibbs


[1] 154

[2] Capt Die et anno preedict
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