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The Information of Iohn Fenton Kistell of the parish of St. Margaret's Westminster 18th. February 16989

Who saith that about 2 or three years ago one Cecilia Labree came to this Informant at his house in Westminster and did then and there tell him that all her goods had been seized upon the day before by Iack Gibbons and that she was forced to pay him 50l or she must have gone to Prison and have been ruined and said she was forced to borrow money to pay him the said sum of 50l and desired this Informant to lend her 10l towards the payment of the money she had borrowed upon the account aforesaid but this Deponent did refuse so to do because as he told her he had not any money to Lend and the said Labree told him that Gibbons seized to the value of 2 or 300l in such goods that if she had been carryed before a Iustice of Peace <76r> and the goods had been produced against her she should have lost her life and therefore she thought she had made a good end of a badd Bargain in paying the said 50 to the said Gibbons and the said Cecilia Labree farther said that she used to go with her hood over her face when she went by Gibbon's house but that since she paid him the 50l she had no occasion so to do for that Gibbons would not medle with her so that she could go free

Iohn Fenton Kistell


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[2] Iurat die et anno preedict
coram Is: Newton

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