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The Information of Thomas Atkins Smith near the White horse in Noble street in St. Anns parish in Aldersgate 3d. Feb 16989

Hee saith That             a Smith of Kitsin beyond Barnet in Green Dragon Lane told Robt. Worrell a Smith living at the bunch of Grapes in Noble street in St. anns parish above mentioned that he the said Smith of Kitson made a Press for mr Marriell an Inn Keeper at the George in Enfield as the Informant was told by the said Robt Worrell and the Informant saith further that he did see the said Press this day at mr. Keyes Keeper of the Cross Keys Inn in St. Iohn street in Sepulchres parish near Hickes hall and ordered the said mr. Keyes to keep the said Press till this Informant returned to him again at the said Inn And the Informant saith further that the said Keyes told him that the Smith who made it left it with him the said Keyes at the said Inn and that another man was to call for it but who is to call for it + when the Deponent knows not

Tho Adkins


[1] 139

[2] Iurat die et anno preedict
Coram Isaac Newton

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