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The Information of John Welsh Smith in Duck lane by Smithfield 3d. day of February 16989

He saith that last summer Iohn         Lawson came to the Deponent and bespake a Wedge for a Wedge press and told the Deponent that he had coyned shillings and 6 pences but had left it off and intended to coyn pistolls because that was not death but only Fine and Imprisonment and that Lawson's wife had the Wedge and the Deponent endeavoured to find out the Gangue and apprehend them but could not He saith also that about a year and a half ago or two years one Deacon's man sold the Deponent and old Wedge for a press and said that a man had left it with his Master and the said Deacon told the Informant afterwards that one Lawson had left it with him and Lawson when he bespake the Wedge above mentioned said that he a press and had lost the wedge of it and wanted another

Iohn Welsh


[1] 127

[2] Iurat et Is Newton

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