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The Information of Mary Ball of St. anns parish Spinster 4 day of February 16989

She saith that abot. the Midle of last summer when the weather was very hot mr Thomas Carter now prisoner in Newgate sent her to Will Chaloner now prisoner in Newgate for he knew what and upon her delivering this message he the said Chaloner gave her 6s. newly made and wrapt up in a piece of paper and bid her tell the said Carter that if they were not made as they should be the next should be better

That the last summer she had severall parcells of Mill'd Shillings of her Mrs. Katherine Carter to put off and that the shillings lookt as if they had been newly made and in putting them off she hath severall times been stopt and forced to change them upon complaint that they were Counterfeit and that she hath sometimes seen the said William Chaloner call the said Cath Carter aside and give her a litle paper wrapt up with something in it which this Informant took to be counterfeit money newly made because her said Mrs. Kath Carter hath given her such money immediatly to put off and that she once saw the said Chaloner give the said Katherine Carter two such shillings naked and that Chaloner used the last summer to come often to the house of the said Katherine Carter and there had a furnace of a Chimney of a Room up two pair of staires forwards and melting pots and a Ladle to melt Metall in and Charcoal in a Closset by the Chimney and that when the said Chaloner went into that room he <60r> used to lock himself in and charge that if any body came to speak with him they should deny him and that he would stay lockt up in the room sometimes two or 3 houres togeather

Mary Ball


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[2] Feb {7}. 16989
Iurat Coram Is Newton

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