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The Deposition of Humphrey Hanwell of Lambeth parish in Southward 22d. Febry 16989

He saith that about 8 or 10 years ago he did see Willm Chaloner now Prisoner in Newgate clip the Current Coyn of this Kingdom and that he then or not long after shewed the Deponent a Counterpunch for making shilling Dyes and another Counterpunch for making either Guinea Dyes or half Crown Dyes but which the Deponent doth not now remember and that about 6 or 8 years ago he the said Chaloner coyn French pistolls Gutter Lane in Cheapside with a Hammer and stamps with 3 pins of one to go into 3 holes of the other and that the Deponent hath seen one Patrick Coffee and one Hitchcock guilding the block which were of silver and that a year or two after when the said Chaloner lived at Knightsbridge he shewed him a parcell of Counterfeit Guineas made of silver guilt and valued them at about 10 or 12s a piece and spake of them as made by him and his Friends

Humpery. Hanwell


Last Spring when I saw a Prisoner in the Fleet Mr. Chaloner very often came to see and alwaies made proposalls to get money he sometimes would stay allnight with me as mr Whitwood the Keeper of the Cellar can {ju}stify after I got my liberty he met my wife and earnestly desired her to tell me when she saw me he mightily wanted to speak with me and it was for my advantage but when I met him he was upon the old story of getting of money saying if I would but joyn with him wee could drive the World before us and mony such like expressions he often used to me he at last desired me to get him a Mault Tickett so in some litle time I did then at my lodging in St Gyles; he reversed it of upon a Copper plate but he did not like the lodging it had not a good light and went with me into Bowsheal and took a lodging there where he engraved most part of the plate then at his own lodgings and at a house of Mr Davis is in Cock + Pye fields in St. Gyles's he finisht it he alway would be mixing of Metall saying that if I could find out any acquaintance that could take off 4 or 500l at a time he had studyed a New trick that he could coyn it with great expedition making the metall of pewter silver and zink and then case it over with silve{r} <59r> and so strike it I told him I could not believe any such thing would do he {told} me I was a fool and did not believe it because I did not understand Metalls so to convince me he told me if I would lok out for a friend to take it off he would shew mean experiment of it and I should shew it my friend one day after I came to his lodgings he askt me if I could spare him 2 or 3 shillings which I did he put then an Iron ladle over the fire put into it pewter zink and the shillings and melted them togeather then he took it off the fire and run it upon the hearth thin when it was cold he look it and threw it down on the hearth severall times saying doth it not ring very well I told him so much pewter cast in the same manner might ring in the like manner for any thing that I knew to the contrary he told me that was my ignorance then he went into his Closset + laid there some time and brought forth in his hand a moulding and opened it and took a shilling out of it and laid it on the fire to dry which done he put the metall into the Ladle which melted he poured into the Moulding sometimes they would not coyn to perfection them he threw into the ladle again he held the molding when he cast it in a litle book in his hand at this time he made about 10 and desired me to find out a friend out as soon as I could and shew him those shillings but he bid me tell him that if he would take off a considerable summ at a time that weight he should have for the future should be farr beyond these for he would plate them and stamp them to some litle time afterwards I met a friend & proposed to him what Chaloner had proposed to me he askt me if I could shew him any I told I believe I could then I sent to Chaloner for to send them 10s. but he sent me but & some litle time after this I was taken up this was his practise last summer till such time as he and I were taken up

Tho Carter

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