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The Examination of Elizabeth Ivie of Liccabone street in Holbourn Widdow 13 October 1698

She saith that about 4 yeares ago a month before she went with her husband . Mr Ivie into Wales and afterward into Ireland Mr. Iohn Gibbons one of the Yeoman Porters at Whitehall prest into her Closset and there lifting up a paper saw a parcell of Clippings and clipt moneys and taking up a handfull put it in his pocket in a laughing manner and the Examinant afterwards telling the clipt moneys mist a considerable quantity thereof and that the said Gibbons after this came often to her house in a friendly manner <48r> without threatning to discover the Examinant he being well acquainted with Mr. Ivie and concealing him for money Mr. Ivie giving at one tyme a five pound piece and at other times other summs and that Gibbons used to carry summes of counterfeit milld money in his pocket to pas off and that he got 8s. in the pound proffit by it and was suplyed wit such money by one Valentine Cogswell now dead. And that a litle above 4 yeaares ago when William Chaloner was sought after for coyning of Guineas and pistoles she heard the said Gibbons say that Chaloner was safe enough for he haad secured him from them so that they could none of them find {illeg} him

That she hath heard the said Iohn Gibbons complain how he wanted money and must go amongst his Pentioners and thereupon Mr. Ivie aplying it to himself hath given him money. That the said Iohn Gibbons used to hire horses for Valentine Cogswell + Brady and others having in          Forest robbed a house at Noon day and gagued the people and taken from them a parcell of plate for which the said Cogswell and Brady were Committed by Iustice Wroth of                the said Iohn Gibbons did then help them to horses and went {Snacks} with them in sharing the booty and the said Cogswell then lodging in Mr Ivies house the said Gibbons sent the horses to Mr Ivy's stable for the said Cogswell and his Companions and that the said Robbers having taken a great quantity of Plate from the house in the Forest above mementioned they brought the Plate into Mr. Ivy's stable and there it it pieces and sold it to one Mr Iacob a Goldsmith then in Sho Lane and now in Grays Inn passage

That one Iohn Iennings Footman to the late Duke of Monmouth did about 4 or 5 yeares ago putt out a handfull of Counterfeit Guineas in Mr. Ivies Garden and say that he had them for about 12 or 14s a piece and offered the Deponent some of them to put off which the Deponent refused to do

the mark of
Eliz: Ivie


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[2] Capt die anno preedictis coram
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