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Information of Thomas Carter taken the 12th. Octo. 98

This Informant sayth that Chaloner hath proposed severall things to him as coyning with him and counterfeiting mault Tickets. About 4 months Chaloner undertook to make a Plate if he this Informant would bring him a Mault Ticket

This Informant acquainted Davis therewith who supplyed him with a Mault Ticket by which Chaloner workt the Plate in his own Lodging in wildstreet this Informant saw him at work upon the said Plate he was a fortnight doing it

The said Plate has been finisht these 3 months

The paper was provided by <35v> the said Chaloner and this Informant printed off about Sixscore Tickets from the said plate they were printed at twice

The Receivers name at the bottom was writt by this Informant at Davis's Lodging some were writt by the help of a light put under a Glass the printed paper lying under the Glass which was {a} Chaloner taught him

Chaloner had about 10 of these Tickets and this Informant gave Davis the{rest} except 25 which he took from him at severall tymes of the said 25 Tickets 12 were given to Margt. Catchmead who promissed to seal them up and borrow some money upon them

The other 13 this Informant gave to Mr. Edwards whom he grew acquainted with in the Fleet where they were prisoners together

The said Edwards did often come to this Informant + presst him to be concerned with him in any thing he would undertake and complaining that he wanted money this Informant let him have at first 6 Tickets which was about 6 weeks ago or more, and Edwards told this Informant that he was in company with Sir Thomas Litleton when the said Sir Thomas reported that the Secretary had {own}ed that one Davis came to him frequently and told him all that past and that Mault Tickets were counterfeited and the said Davy had promist to bring him the Plate and he was sure it was meant of David Davis and he cautiond this Informant to be aware of him

This Informant acquainted Davis therewith who bid him be at ease as to him for he should Come to no harm for any thing he should tell him

A little after that Edwards had 7 Tickets more of this Informant which he likewise told him he had pawnd & he presst that he might have all the rest

This Informant received l from Edwards about a month ago on acount of the Tickets + that was all he had from him except five yards of Black Cloth


This Informant saith that the plate lay about a fortnight in an unfinishe{d} house near Red Lyon {fictor} This Informant and Davis put it there soon after it was done but Chaloner making great stirr to have it againe this Informant delivered it to him and he hath had it over twice

This Informant hath been pressing Chaloner this month to have the Plate againe or at least that if might be cut this Informant apprehending that Chaloner would print off Tickets sell them and be gone and leave this Informant to suffer for what he did

Chaloner promist this Informant he should have it but {p}ut him off from time to time with a story that he had given the plate to a woman to keep who was gone into the country and that he had {wutt} to her to know where she laid it and her answer was expected of Friday last the woman he named was Sampson Midwife in Clare market

This plate was only made for a Tryall to see whether they could do it to any likenes but the Design was to make a plate for a whole Sheet which was proposed by Davis & this Informant acquainted with it who would have done it if they had brought him a sheet

Tho Carter

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