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The Examination of Iohn Fountaine now in custody 26 7ber 1698

Who sayth that about half a year ago this Examinant was at Wormley Fair near Waltham Cross in company with severall persons (whose names this Examinant does not now remember and one of the said company pulld out of his pocket some money and in the said money there was a piece which appeared like Gold and this Examinant seeing the said piece said to the person which pulld out of his pocket what you have got Gold the said person replyed and said that this Examinant might have it for a pott of Beer if he pleased and this Examinant gave the said person a pott of beer for the said piece (which was a counterfeit Spanish pistoll) and took the same away and upon Fryday night last this Examinant was apprehended and put in Bridwell all night and this Examinant did that night (with the said counterfeit spanish pistoll) put his money into his shoe to secure it from the prisoners there and upon the next day being Saturday he was had before Iustice Perry to be examined and being searched before the Iustice by a Constable the said Constable found in this Examinants shoe the said money and pistoll which he had put there as aforesaid

the mark of
Iohn Fountaine


[1] 59

[2] Capt die et anno preedict
coram Is Newton

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