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Mary Townsend sayth that about 5 years ago this Informants father Edward Ivie got a warrant against one Iohn Hickes, his wife and severall others for clipping and fileing the Current Coyn of this Kingdom and in persuance of the said Warrant severall persons were apprehended but they being Mr. Gibbons's friends he by artifice caused Ivie to be indicted for Clipping by the evidence of mrs Hicks who was one of those which mr Ivie had caused to be apprehended so the said Ivy finding himself tricked by Gibbons's procurment and interest was for his safety forct to withdraw by which means the said Hickes and other persons did escape Iustice and the said Ivy was outlawed

And the said Gibbons thinking his said friends not to be secure except Mrs. Ivie and Mrs. Iones's evidence were taken off the said Gibbons came to this Informant and threatned her that if she would not swear against the said Mrs Ivy and Mrs Iones that he would have her hangued whereupon she swore against them the said mrs. Ivy and Iones upon a bill of Indictment for Clipping the Current Coyn of this Kingdom and they hearing thereof were forced to abscond for their security and were outlawed upon the said bill

Mary Townsend


[1] 53

[2] Capt aug. 31 1698 coram
    Is Newton

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