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The Information of William Butler of Rupert street in the parrish of St. Iames Westminster Gentlemen 15 Augt. 1698

Who saith that on the 13th. of this instant Augt. Iames Iones at the Starr Alehouse in Kings head Court Covent Garden and Pearce Butler who is a lodger with the said Iones came to the Temple to this Deponent and gave to him one false half Crown, one false shilling and a bad six pence telling this Deponent that they were very good work the best that were to be had and would go off very well and the said Iones and Butler further told this Informant that the {lay} of the false pistolls was so {noised} that it was noe <22v> more dealing with them but at the same time gave to this Deponent a false Guinea and said it was the best work that was to be got in England after a small time this Deponent having notice that some trouble would acrue to him about his bayling the said Pearce Butler the other person that stood in a Recognizance with this Deponent before Mr. Iustice Tarton having given in a wrong name this Deponent did then tell me the said Peirce Butler that he would stand bayle no longer for him up whereupon the said Iones and Peirce Butler run out of the Sun and Popes head Tavern in Chancery Lane where they then were and being pursued by this Deponent Peirce Butler was seized by this Deponent and left in the custody of one Mr. Webb a Bayliffe till the said Deponent went to Iones's house to search for false money and Coyning Tooles and when this Deponent entered the said house meeting with the said Iones he was assaulted by Iones and his wife and severall persons unknown to this Deponent more then by sight and this Deponent was knocked down by the said persons and held down by them by one of their feet and knee upon his Breast and Throat till they had searched or robbed the Deponent of 5ll 18s of lawfull money togeather with some half pence or farthings and the false money and Guinea above mentioned which done they turned the Deponent out of Iones's house and shut the Door upon him

Willm Butler


[1] 51

[2] Memorandum this Information was never sworn to

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