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The Examination of Robt. Lacy of Newstreet in Fetter Lane Mercer 3d. Augt 1698

He saith that being this day in company with Wm. Butler in Cursiters ally between Chancery and Fetter Lanes at an ale house and going out of the house he was apprehended in the street and in his pockets he had 7 half Crowns and 2s. and some farthings whereof he had 2s. of the said Butler in part of 22s. due to him from the said Butler upon a Note but he denyes that he gave any Counterfeit Guineas to the said Butler

Memorandum that after the said Robt. Lacy had upon his Examination told me what is above written he refused to set his hand to the same and would neither confess nor deny that he had more then two shillings of Mr. William Butler above mentioned nor would confess where his Lodgings were

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