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The Deposition of William Butler of Rupert street in St. Iames westminster Gentleman 29th. Iune 1698

He sayth that about 5 or 6 weeks ago Dr. Stringer Chymist in York buildings carryed the Deponent to mr mollins of the old {Change} and not finding him there they went to his work house for casting of Iron in Southwark and finding him there he asked Dr. Stringer when he had seen Oadel (or Odes) but what answer Dr Stringer made the Deponent remembers not upon parting they appointed another meeting and then meeting at the Gun Tavern at Billingsgate they had some discourse about a Dessigne to engage {one} mr. Burdone a Cheesmonger at Billingsgate and then in company with them at the said Gun Taverne to be bound with mr. mollins in borrowing a sum of mony of a friend of the Deponents upon bills of Exchange which bills were to be counterfeit. A few dayes after (perhaps a week) mr. Cooper took up Dr. Stringer by a {Constable} for putting off a five pound Counterfeit bill to him and carryed the Doctor to the Swan Tavern near Coopers and the Doctor there sent for mr. molins who came and made up the buissines and a few dayes after the Deponent heard the Doctor curse his missfortune and saying he had this Cooper to pay and the Deponent answering what it could not cost you above 40 or 50s the Doctor replyed but there's a Gratuity for he {illeg} Cooper would not have made it up else the Deponent sayeth also that he heard Mollins at the Queen's head Tavern within Temple Barr call the Doctor a rogue and say that he made such blunders in his buissines and that he had this bill to pay for and the Deponent replying that was but a small matter the said Molins answerd theres a Gratuity more then you think on to Cooper or els he would not have let the Doctor goe     The Deponent sayth also that before the Doctor was taken up by Cooper the said Mr. Molins at the Gun Tavern at Billingsgate said that if he had Odle here he should furnish us (meaning Stringer and himselfe + the Deponent) with what should carry us to the market meaning cancelled bills as the Deponent then conjectured Molins and Stringer used to talk much of Odle and Molins said that he loved Injenious men and would be the Deponents friend

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