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The Deposition of Thomas Hall of Pettycoat Lane in Aldgate parish Vintner taken this 29th. day of Iune 1698

He sayth that on munday last after Dinner he was at a Coffeehouse about the middle of Haymarket over against Panton streen end and going from thence with mr. Butler and Mr. Stringer towards the housr of the said Mr. Stringer in York buildings he the deponent saw the said Mr. Stringer hold in his hands some papers folded up like bills and heard him say to the said mr. Butler here's some bills if you can put me off one or two and Mr. Butler made answer that he would serve him in any thing he could he sayth also that as the said mr. Butler and mr. Stringer went on togeather they had further discourse but by reason that they went on fast he did not hear any more of their Discourse

Tho Hall


[1] 36

[2] Iurat die et anno preedict coram
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