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The Examination of Mary Stringer the wife of Moses Stringer of Villers street in York buildings Chymist Practitioner in physick 28 Iune 1698

She sayth that her said husband had an Exchecquer bill of one Mr. Walford about half a year ago and paid to          who lives in Southwark and sells Furrs to make Hatts and that about 5 or 6 weeks ago (as she thinks) as her said husband (as he told her) had an Exchecquer bill of one Mr. Mills of Staffordshire for physick which two bills were 5ll bills and that her said husband put away the last of these bills to Mr        Souls man in Cannon street who paid it to one or two more but then the note being worn as passed on the <16r> backside in the foalds where it was returned back to her husband and she shewed it to a Goldsmith Mr       in Fleetstreet who said it was {good} all but the 5s. Interest upon it and afterwards she put it off to a Gentleman on Ludgate hill Mr.      at the 1s or 2d shop of the right hand a Mercers Shop about 3 weeks ago and since that time she and her husband have heard nothing of the bill and that when his last bill was returned to her husband as above one mr. Butler being told of it by Mr. mollins an Iron Factor in the old Change desired to see it and offered to put it off for 4ll. 10s. if her husband would lend him 20s. thereof upon a Note but the Examinant told her husband that she believed it was a good one and thereupon carryed it to the Goldsmith in Fleetstreet to have his opinion as is abovementioned and that besides the two bills above mentioned she doth not know that her husband hath received or payed away any others

Mary Stringer


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[2] Capt die et anno preedict coram
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