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The Examination of Nicholas Storks of the parish of St. Iames Westminster Baker 12 day of 7ber 1698

Who saith that about 3 months ago one Mary Pywell came to this Informants Shop & bought of him bread & oatmeal which she gave 3d12 for & in paying for the same this Examinant took half a Guinea in Gold of the said Mary Pywell which have Guinea wanted above on shilling and 5d of what its ture value ought to have been and this Informant further saith that his wife hath told him the said Mary Pywell hath been twice at his house and desired her both tymes to change her half a Guinea but she refused so to do and this Informant further sayth that about 3 weeks ago the said Mary Pywell bought half a pound of Cheese at a Cheesmongers adjoyning to this Examinants house and produced half a Guinea to be changed in order to pay for the Cheese which she had bought but this Examinant being present and having a suspition that it w{illeg}ed weight took the said half Guinea and went to a Goldsmiths shop near Leicester fields to get it weighed and the Goldsmith weighed the same and told this Examinant that it wanted 16d. of what its true Value ought to be

Nicho Storkes


[1] 25

[2] Iurat die + anno preedict coram
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