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The further Information of Mary Miller now a prisoner in Newgate 22d August 1698

Who sayth that about the beginning of Iuly last past this Informant was at the house of one Mr. Whitfield at the Crown and Sceptre near the monument Dyall in the New buildings by Longacre in company with one Tho Atkinson {illeg}{y} or others tall black man Mr. Whitfield and his wife Vrsula, George Iohnston and Margery his wife, and this Informant did then <11v> and there see in the custody of the said Thomas Atkinson one hundred and {odd} false pistolls and the said Atkinson did propose to this Informant to go into the countrey with Whitfield in order to put off some of the said false Gold and said that this Informant need not fear any trouble for that Whitfield should carry all the false Gold, only this Informant should have one Good Guinea and a bad one and as she put off the false Guinea she should receive another false one from Whitfield and so receive a false Guinea at a time from Whitfield till she had put off the full quantity they intended to take into the countrey and the said Atkinson Whitfield and Geo Iohnson did further propose to this Informant that after they had paid away the false Guinea and pistoles as aforesaid they would all with this Informant go into Ireland on purpose to colour their Dessign of putting off false Gold and Silver and that this Informant should be equall sharer in the proffitt which would arise by their putting away counterfeit Gold and money and this Informant was lately told that the said Thomas Atkinson is lately come out of the countrey Viz within 3 miles of the City of Bristoll where the false Guineas and silver is coyned as this Informant hath been told and the said Atkinson hath brought with him about 300. of counterfeit money and intends to put it away at Bartholomew Fair ensueing Atkinson's horse standard at the Naggs head at the upper end of St. Martin's Lane he hath also a house in Rosemary Lane by Tower hill And this Informant further saith That a short set Elderly man told her of Thomas Atkinson's comeing out of the countrey with false money and offered to let this Informant have false money

Mary Miller


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[2] Iurat die et anno preedict coram
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