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The Information of Iohn Gatton Iunior at the Flying horse in Mytre Court of Fleet street 22d. augt. 1698

Who sayth That he hath seen one Iames Thornton, Mr Lacy and mr. Read in company togeather severall tymes at his fathers house at the Flying horse aforesaid, and that about 5 weeks ago the said Mr. Read bought a box which weighed heavy to the said Flying Horse and the box was directed to the said Iames Thornton by a writing upon it which box hath since been shewed to this Deponent by Mr. Legat one of the Kings messengers upon Fryday last in the afternoon and the said Read at the tyme of his leaving of the box as aforesaid did likewise leave a Letter sealed for the said Iames Thornton and this Informant afterwards delivered the said Letter to the said Iames Thornton and Thornton a little tyme after his Receipt of the said Letter sent his daughter for the said Box who had the same delivered to her and she carryed it away but whither this Deponent cannot tell

Iohn Gatton Iunr.


[1] 23

[2] Iurat die et anno preedict coram
Is. Newton

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