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The Examination of Robt. Lacy late of Newstreet in the Parish of St. Brides London Mercer taken this 13 day of August Anno Dni 1698

Who sayth That in or about Iune or Iuly 1697 one mr. Geo: Owen of Norbutt in the County of Pembrooke in the Dominion of Wales Mercer came with this Informant out of Wales to the City of London and did then desire this Informant to bring him acquainted with some body that could make false and counterfeit money, and this Deponent's wife and the said Owen became acquainted togeather and by that means the said Owen invited her into the Countrey of Wales in roder to carry on his Dessign of making false and counterfeit money, and this Informant and his said wife went into Wales with the said Owen in order to make false money as aforesaid and in October last past this Informant saw the said Geo Owen Griffith morgan of the said Norbutt Victualler and Thomas Read counterfeit the Current Coyn of this Kingdom by casting shillings at the said Griffiths Morgans house and the wifes of the said Owen and Morgan were privy to and acquainted with the practises aforesaid and as the said owen told this Informant that severall persons were to take and pay away the false money vizt one Mr. pritchard steward to one Sir Geo Barley Arthur Foley one mr Edwards of Harford West and one Mr. Owen unckle to the said owen and one Mr. Crow this Informant further sayth that about 4 yeares ago one Evan Iohn of Islington did in the sight of this Deponent counterfeit the Current Coyn of this Kingdom by stamping shillings and sixpences at his own house at Islington he made the false money with Dyes that he engraved himself as he told this Informant And that about a year and a half ago one Solomon Hewett who lived at the Swan ale house in Burehin Lane London and David Hewett his brother offered to sell to this Informant counterfeit mony and told this Informant that they made it themselves

This Informant further sayth that about 4 months ago one Edward Berry who keeps the Fountain al house near the Barge house in Lambeth parish in the County of Surrey desired this Informant to get him 200 false Guineas made for him in orer as he said to pay away to a friend or Confederate before Witness and afterwards the said Confederate was to be robbed of them and then she the hundred for the same and bring the person that saw them paid as a witness to prove the payment thereof but this Informant did not procure the said Berry any <11r> false Guineas, but the said Berry did afterwards procure a great many false Guineas and as Berry told this Informant did convert the same to the use aforesaid.— And that in April last one mr. Read aforesaid and mary Bush of Highgate widdow did in the presence of this Deponent counterfeit the Current Coyn of this Kingdom by casting shillings & some half Crowns at the house of the said mary Bush This Informant further sayth that about 4 or 5 months ago the said Berry did desire the said Mr Read to make false Crowns and half Crowns and said that he had a friend that could edge them and if he coyned them well the said Berry would take as many of his hands as he and Friends could make

Robt. Lacy

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