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The Deposition of John. Pithall of Norwich Court {e}ver against the May poll in East Smithfield taken this 9th. day of Iuly 1698

He saith that he hath known Ferdinando Croudson these 5 yeares and that about 4 yeares ago he saw the said Croudson at Eggermond about 4 miles from Whitehaven, and that he the said Croudson had then counterfeit money (at least 5s) newly cast in imitation of old hammered money And that about a fortnight ago the said Croudson came to the Deponents house being latly come from Holland and had then Two Counterfeit Dollaws and two counterfeit English shillings mill'd money, and acknowledged to the Deponent that he made them himselfe and put severall Mixtures into them And that on Thursday was a Fortnight he came againe to the Deponent's house, and on Saturday following being the 25th. day of Iune he sent the Deponent to the Black Lyon in Foster Lane to buy a pair of Iron Flasks for which the Deponent gave 1s. 6d. and that the night before the Deponent fetcht about 2 quarts of sand to cast in from Mr. Scotts the Corner house going into Sr. William Warren's square near King Edward stairs in Wapping And that on the said Saturday was a fortnight he melted down a small parcell of Dutch money and cast five English counterfeit Milld shillings. And the same night he sent the Deponent to a pewterer to buy half a pound of Block Tinn and a quarter of a pound of Tin-glass and melted the same in a Crucible and poured the metal into a Mold made with the Flasks and sand above mentioned and that he thus cast at least 4 times making 6 counterfeit shillings at a time and the Deponent saw him cast and edge the said Counterfeit shillings and Mold the Flasks in which he cast them and that he also saw him case the 5s. above mentioned and that he edged the said counterfeit money with a File

The Deponent sayth also that on Wednesday was {Tonnight} he saw the said Croudson wash over with Aqua Fortis a Silver Guinea which he said he brought from Holland and then ruff it over with Quick Silver and dry it upon charcole fire and the Guinea turned yellow like good gold and that he took the Quick silver out of a Chest which he said he brought from Holland <3r> He saith also that the said Croudson told the Deponent that he had been Prisoner in Chester, and made his escape by giving the Keeper a Br{i}{ck} of 30 Guineas

He saith also that a Chest and portmanue found in the Deponents house with files Metalls and other things things in them belonged to the said Croudson and that he saw the said Croudson put into that chest the File with which he edged the false money above mentioned

He saith also that a counterfeit shilling which he dropt in the hosue of Sir Robt. Ieffreys was made by the said Croudson

He saith also that about 3 yeares ago he received counterfeit mony of Thomas Pithall of Broughton beyond Cartnall Sands in Lancashire and that the said Tho Pithall and Croudson were Fellow Shop Keepers at the said Broughton near Dutton Bridge

The Deponent saith also that a green bagg of Coyning Tooles found by Chester Castle the said Croudson did own to be his and that if he had been there he would have thrown them into the Ditch of the castle

The Deponent saith also that he hath heard the said Croudson speak of one Thomas Nelson as a coyner who is now in custody to be tryed next assizes at Lancaster


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[2] Iurat Iuly the 9th. 1698
coram Is. Newton

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