Wee being very well assur'd that you must have a considerable Number of dyes in your custody, which are too worn or crackd as to be altogether unfitt for any longer usage in coining the monys: & it being our design to cause all such dyes both heads & Arms, to be defac'd & broken here in the presence of us the Warden Master et cæta. as ought to be, & usually is done in the like case

Wee direct You therefore that you cause all such dyes as are useless, both heads & Arms of 12 Crowns; shillings & six pences to be carefully Numbred each sort distinctly & put up securely in a strong box, in the presence of you the Deputy Warden, Master Worker & Comptroller, & the surveyor of the Meltings, & the Assistant Graver of your Mint: & then you are to direct & send the said box by the first opportunity you shall have of conveying it hither the Waggon which the Kings Mony for taxes, when any such Monys are sent to Town under a Guard: takeing the Receivers or Waggoners Receipt for the safe delivery of the said Box to the Porter of the Mint in the Tower, & enclosing that receipt in your Letter to Vs, to be deliver'd back when the box is received here

In which Letter Wee expect you give use a distinckt account of the whole Number of heads & Arms of the 12 Crowns shillings & six pences You send in the box: And the exact Account or Number of each sort that shall remaine with you


Wee are Gentlemen

your Loving Friends

Is Newton

Tho Neale


[1] Tower of London
Mint Office Aprill 19 1698

[2] Chester Officers

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