To the Warden, Master & Comptroller of his Majesties Mint at Chester


Though we have no perfect account of what is Kept in your hands to defray the Charge of Coynage of the severall parcells of silver Moneys coined in your Mint on the King's Account; we have nevertheless thought fitt to make a division of part of it, and to desire, direct and authorise you by that, to pay out of such monies unto Iohn Briant Provost of the corporation of Monyers, or to his order upon his receipt the sume of two Thousand three hundred pounds In part and upon account of what is due to them for Coinage, and to Thomas Silvester Smith to his Majesties Mint in the Tower the sume of fifty pounds on the same account and to your Melter the summe of one Thousand pounds on the same account; of which payments so made the master Worker and yourselves are to make due entry in your Books, and keep the severall Receipts for his Vouchers we are


Your Loving friend

and servants


Is Newton

Tho Hall

If the Melter has Receiv'd any money of any of you an account of his work, take care to have it deduct'd out of the above £1000, and to stop Likewise out of that sum the Money that was In the Pix Box, which you must make as payd to him, the sume being to be paid there upon his account to the pot maker

[1] Mint office in the Tower
21st Septemr 1697

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