The Lords Commissioners of his Majesties Treasury haveing agreed with Sir Io. Iohnson & Others Vndertakers to pay ready money for Wrought Plate at teh Country Mints. have directed Vs to appoint a person in each Mint; Wee do hereby direct & appoint You Edmund Halley Gentleman to attend constantly & oversee the weighing of all Plate taken & Received by the said Vndertakers at 5s & 4d per Ounce, according to the late Act of Parliament to see the Number of the Ounces in every parcell duly entred in a book kept by the Vndertakers for that purpose, to signe the foot of every page totall'd conteining such Entires; to inspect the Melting down of all (so receiv'd & Entred) into Ingotts; to see that no other Silver, Money, nor any other thing whatever be melted with such Plate; And to keep an Accompt of the Number, Mark, & Weight of every Ingott proceeding there from

You are further directed to read for your better information, the Act of encouraging the bringing in Wrought Plate to be coyned, made in the last session of Parliament.      We are your Loving Friends


P. S. When your 12 Crown dyes are worn out, You must Order your Melter to cast all the barrs for shillings & six pences, that no other species may be Coyned.

To the Comptroller of Chester Mint

[1] London
Mint Office
Augst 17 97

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