To the Right Honourable The Earle of Godolphin Lord High Treasurer of Great Britain

May it please your Lordship

In obedience to your Lordships Order of Reference of the 3 Iune Last upon the annex'd petition of the Provost of the Monyers wherein he setts forth that by Her Majesties Signe Manual some of the monyers were sent to the mint at Edinburgh to assist in the recoinage of the moneys of North Britaine with an allowance of 9d per pound weight for Coinage & sixteen pounds to Each man for his journey backwards & forwards, & three shillings per diem to Each man for his maintainance there whenever there should not be one thousand pounds Weight coined in the week: We have considered the said petition & by the monyers book of Accounts signed by the General, the Master & the other Officers of the said Mint we finde that there was coined by the said Monyers 103346 pound weight of Silver moneys. The Coinage of which at 9d. per pound weight Amounts to 3875li: 09s: 06d:, whereof the said Monyers have received of Mr Allardes the Master of the said Mint the summ of 1429: 06s: 0212 & there remains still due to them from the said Master the summ of 2446£ 3s: 3d12 as the Petition setts forth; which summ is not {apt} paid by reason that the said Master hath not {apt} received money from the Government sufficient for defraying the Charge of the said Coinage, And whereas the Master of Her Majestys Mint in the Tower pays 9d: per pound weight to the Monyer whereof 3d: is out of his owne allowance of 16d12 per pound weight for Coinage & the other penny is placed to Her Majestys Mint at Edinburgh should in like manner pay 8d: of the 9d: out of his own allowance for Coinage & be allow'd the other penny by her Majestie in his Accounts We finde also further due from Her Majestie to the said Monyers for the Iounreys of five of them to Edinburgh & foure of them back the summ of 72£ & upon theire allowance of 3s: per diem the summ of 182li: 2sh All which sums Her Majestie has appointed by Her said Warrant to be paid in such manner as Your Lordship shall think fitt


C. P.

Is. N.

I. Ell.

[1] Mint Office the 20th: Iuly 1709

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