To the Right Honourable the Lord High Treasurer of Great Britain

May it please your Lordship

For the speedy setting to work the Mint at Edinburgh after the same way as Her Majesties Mint in the Tower. Your Lordship was pleased to direct that severall Tools Vtensills & other materials thereunto required should be forthwith provided & conveyed to the said Mint at Edinburgh & the same were accordingly provided & sent the account whereof stands as followeth

For charcoale, Allum, Argol, flat smooth bastard files,
Blistered Steel, A Sweep Mill, Quick Silver, brass & Iron sieves,
brushes of several sorts & several other Goods bought of sundry
persons as by theire severall acquittances amounts together to the summe of
For four cutting Engins, two flatting presses, one coyning
press, two paire of Rollers & other things bought of the Ingineer
in the Tower as by his Bill of particulars
For several Ballances, Weights, & Counterpoizes &c bought
of Mr. Ino. Smart as by his Bill of particulars
For Puncheons & Dyes for all the species of Money &
for small Puncheons & Letters had of the Gravers & Smith, in the
Tower as by theire Bill or particulars
Total 532: 13: 04

Besides these summs disburs'd by me there is the summe of sixty pounds due to my clerk Mr. Richard Morgan by Her Majesties Warrant whereby he was sent from here to instruct & assist the clerks of the said Mint at Edinburgh which service he performed duly as appears by the certificate of the officers of the said Mint — There is also due to Dr. David Greggory by Her Majesties Warrant the summe of two hundred & fifty Pounds for his charges & service in going from here to assist oversee & direct the officers of the said Mint at Edinburgh according to the methods of the Mint in the Tower and attending in this service for the space of three months dated from the time of his going from hence besides a month more spent in the said service for which your Lordship is Impowered by the said Warrant to make him such further allowance as your Lordship shall think reasonable which allowance I humbly propose to be 50£ if your Lordship shall think fitt

The payment of all which summes I humbly pray your Lordship to order or cause to be paid out of the proper Fund when I conceive to be the Bullion which is appropriated to the service of Her Majesties Mint at Edinburgh and is at present in the hands of Daniel Stewart Collector thereof or the Civil List to be reimbursed out of that Fund hereafter

All which is most humbly submitted

to your Lordships Great wisdom:

Isaac Newton


[1] Mint Office
Ianuary 21th: 17078

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