To the Right Honourable The Lord High Treasurer of England

May it please Your Lordship

In obedience to your Lordships Order to Vs of the 18th: Instant to Consider of that part of Her Majesties Order in Councill (a Copy whereof [1]We received therewith) which relates to the Continuing of the Mint in the same, and to report to your Lordship what We think necessary to be done whereby the same may be effectually put in execution, We humbly represent to your Lordship.

That whereas by the said Act of Parliament the Coine is to be of the same Standard & value throughout the Vnited Kingdom & whereas also by the Indenture of Her Majesties Mint in England the Warden with the Consent & agreement of the General of Her Majesties Mint in Scotland is commanded to make or cause to be made two Piles of English Weights one for Each Mint to be examined & mark'd in the presence of the Officers of Her Majestys Mint in the Tower (which Clause We conceive to have been Inserted upon an ancient treaty between the two Nations) made with the utmost exactness & examined & marked & one of them delivered for the use of the Mint in Scotland. according to the directions of the said Indenture.

And whereas by the same Indenture there are to be six Indented Trial Pieces of Gold & Six of Silver, four of them for England & two for Scotland We are humbly of opinion. That new Indented Trial Pieces be made & delivered for the Vses specify'd in the said Indenture. And particularly that one Trial piece of Each metal be delivered to the proper Officer who shall Covenant with Her Majestie to make the Monys in Scotland & one of Each to be kept either in the Treasury of Scotland according to the Indenture of by an Officer of that Mint who shall be appointed to examin, cheq & prove the making of the Monys there in Weight & Fineness before delivery as is practised in the Mint in England And we are further of Opinion that the Money Coyned in both mints be of the same sizes & stamps, with some Letter or either mark set upon the Scotch money to distinguish it from the Money Coyned in England as was Lately practised in the Country Mints.

And whereas by the Act of Vnion the Mint is to be continued in Scotland under the same Rules as the Mint in England, & the present Officers of that Mint continued subject to such regulations as Her Majestie &c shall think fitt We are humbly of opinion that in order thereunto so much of the Indenture of the Mint in England as containes the Rules for Coynage be transmitted to the Mint in Scotland And for the better putting the saide Rules in practise the Officers of the Mint in Scotland may send any of theire Mint to see & learn the practise of the Mint in the Tower, & if they desire it an Officer of {the} English Mint may be sent into Scotland to see the saide Rules fully putt in execution there. & if they shall want any uses Ingines Dyes Puncheons sets Weights for common use or any thing else Necessary for Coynage they be provided for them in the Tower   All which is most humbly submitted to your Lordships great wisdom

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[1] The Officers of the Mint report to Treasury about weight for Scotland & recommend two new Piles to be accurately made one of them to be for the Mint in Scotland

[2] Mint office
24th. March

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