To the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of His Majestys Treasury

The Humble Petition of Mr. Richard Barrow


That your Petitioner was about six years past, on the Death of Mr. Weddall appointed by Craven Peyton Esqr. then Warden of the Mint to Prosecute Clippers and Coiners and utterers of false Mony.

That your Petitioner was paid his Bill of Charges for such services to Michaelmas 1713.[1] And that there is now due to him for two years services ending at Michaelmas 1715. (being then dismist from such Employment) the sum of 295: 15: 06 As by the Bills hereto Annexed may Appear.

Your Petitioner therefore humbly Prays your Lordships to

Refer his Bills to the Principal officers of His Majesty

Mint, and that they may Report the same to your


And your Petitioner shall ever Pray.

[1] 2 years

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