George R.

Our Will and pleasure is and We do hereby Authorize & Command you to place upon Our moneys of Gold and silver not less in Value then a six pence, the Inscription Georgius D. G. M. BR. FR. Et Hib. Rex. F. D. about Our Effigies. And the Inscription Brun. Et. L. Dux. S. R. I. A. TH: Et El. 1715 about Reverse, suiting the Date unto the year Currant, And upon the Reverse of Our Moneys of silver Extracted from English Lead in the Vacancies between the four Escutcheons to place the Rose and Feathers alternately as on the silver Moneys of Our late Dear Sister Queen Anne Extracted from such Lead And Our further Will and pleasure is and we do hereby Authorize and Command you that you do Coin Our Moneys of Gold and Silver according to the Rules and Directions set downe in the Indenture made between Our said Sear sister and your selfe in the first year of Her Reign, until a New Indenture shall be made, and that you and all the Officers Monyers and Ministers of Our said Mint do so long Conforme your selves in all things to the Rules and Directions contained the said Indenture. And for so doing, this shall be your sufficient Warrant. Given at Our Court at St. Iames's the 21st. day of March 171415. In the first year of Our Reign

By His Majestys Command


Rid: Onslow

Will St: Quintin



To Our Trusty and Wellbeloved Sir Isaac Newton Knight.
Master and Worker of Our Mint within the Tower

of London.

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